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Maximize Your College Investment

It’s an exciting time when your son or daughter is deciding on a college, major or trying to find a job. It can also be very stressful for all involved. We all want the best for our kids so it is hard to see them not have a clear picture of what their next step should be.

If your child is struggling with any of these decisions, we can help them through the process. We can guide them through the process to help them decide on which direction to go and execute in a way that builds their confidence:

  • We remind them of their strengths and how they can be marketable in the “real world” which can help them choose the right college, major or find the right job.
  • We help them focus on the right types of roles that they should be pursuing. Young people often get very frustrated on a job search wasting a lot of time pursuing the wrong types of jobs.
  • Build their confidence for interviewing through practice, practice practice!!
  • Get them comfortable talking about their strengths and value to a company.
  • Teach them how to network in a way that they are comfortable with given their personality profile. There are lots of ways to effectively network!
  • We help them develop important life skills such a budgeting and setting goals both personally and professionally.

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