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Does this sound familiar to you?

As your kids get older, you wonder
how to fill your time with purposeful activity

You don’t know what you want to be when you “grow up”

You want to do “something more”
but fear is stopping you from taking action

You are not clear on what your skills are
or who would hire you if you were to look for a job

Are you overwhelmed by important decisions?

Is the importance of choosing the right college
for you proving to be a stressful decision?

Are you struggling to decide on which major is right for you
because you’re unsure of your desired career path?

Have you already received your college degree,
but are asking yourself…now what?

Have you sent out a lot of resumes with no positive response?

How You Benefit


Individualized sessions to create a personal strategy that is unique to and effective for YOU!


We work for you and we stick with you until you achieve your desired results!


Our environment minimizes your fears and maximizes your confidence!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I truly believe that every time I left a meeting with MoJo I had an ‘aha’ moment. I really feel like Molly & JoAnne helped me find myself, which is where I was struggling the most.”
“What I experienced was that they not only helped me better understand what careers were possible for me, but they also helped me understand how to deepen my life.”
“With each session, we laughed…and related alot. Molly and JoAnne have an extraordinary way of listening and a knack for recognizing the value of many skills that I wasn’t aware of yet.”

Start your "What's Next" journey today with MoJo Advantage

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