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Meet Heather

While going through an unexpected life transition, I found myself displaced and having to resurrect my resume after 11 years of being a stay at home mom. Not having the slightest idea who to turn to or where to start this job process, I was referred to MOJO by of all people, my childhood babysitter.  Molly and JoAnne were the perfect two people to help me through this stage in my “new life”.  

After 11 years out of the workforce, I lacked resources, a current resume, connections, goals, materials, and most of all, I lacked confidence. I didn’t exactly know how MOJO would be able to help me.  I walked into our first session nervous, feeling out of touch, and unworthy of any sort of job interview. Who would want to hire me? I’m just a mom. Within one hour, we had discussed and set some goals, and they were quick to point out the qualifying skill set I had picked up during my reign as a stay at home mom. For the first time in years, I felt that I had some self-worth, and from that solid base, my confidence started to build.

With each session, we laughed, I shared, I cried, we laughed again, and we related a lot. Molly and JoAnne have an extraordinary way listening and a knack for recognizing the value of many skills I have that I was not aware of yet.

I was quick to pigeonhole myself into one line of work, industry, or company. MoJo was able to broaden the scope of areas of work I could pursue, while simultaneously narrowing my search to places that would be a good fit for me and fit for the business too. 

I would recommend MoJo to anyone and everyone starting a new path in life or simply wanting to find a better fit. With each session, my resume and potential came to life. I was able to leave with more confidence, drive, excitement, and self-worth. I sit up straighter, enter a room smiling brighter, I hold my head up higher.  I am no longer afraid. I am no longer nervous. I am worthy. I am back and I am ready! 

Thanks to Molly and JoAnne, I am now employed and looking forward to new beginnings. They are my Dream Team and I consider them skilled mentors and truly good friends.

– Heather K. Doherty, Cincinnati, OH

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