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College Students

Many college students are not sure what to major in even after they have completed their first year of university.  We help the undecided college student sort through the options for a major or minor with an eye on their natural strengths and preferences for a work environment. We use an objective assessment and merge those results with other important considerations such as the subject material that you enjoy, earning potential for possible jobs and what motivates you.

We also help current students put a plan in place to pursue an internship of their choosing. Internships are a great way to get practical experience in your field of study; however there are times that students want to explore something outside their major. MoJo Advantage can help the student brainstorm the options available for an internship within their major or even outside it. Once we know what internships are the target, we work to put together a resume that reflects  the skills for the internship that you are trying to secure.

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