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Meet Cindy

I hired MoJo Advantage because I wanted to help my kids (triplets) find a bit of direction as they headed into their final two years of high school.  It was a really great experience for my kids.  Molly & JoAnne were able to help identify direction(s) that the kids might like to pursue as a career and really get thinking about those details.  I thought that the timing (end of sophomore year) was really perfect for my kids.  It was a big reminder that all of this schooling is really for an end game.  

Through the DISC assessment, MoJo was able to help identify natural strengths and tendencies and really start the kids thinking on how to capitalize on those for the last two years of high school to prepare for college.  Working with MoJo Advantage reinforced how very different my kids are from one another.  The whole process was a confidence builder for the kids.  It gave them detailed information that really showed them that they are each uniquely wired a certain way.

I would recommend MoJo Advantage for students. It is very good information to have, and also a really small investment especially when you consider how much we spend for college and even private high schools.

– Cindy Bambauer, Montgomery, OH

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