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Meet Callie

I wanted to work with MoJo Advantage because I have been out of the working/career world for a long time, and didn’t know where to begin. I searched online and everything was vague or seemed overwhelming. It also seemed cold and impersonal.  With time and life experience, I am not the same person I was when I graduated from college. I wanted to explore new opportunities and options and not just settle for any job.

I went into the experience with an open mind. The meetings with Molly and JoAnne far exceeded my expectations.  My favorite part was the dialogue. I really got to know myself and find my voice. I had forgotten/pushed aside all that I was and had accomplished. The meetings gave me a confidence boost. Molly and JoAnne are a great team that make the experience non-threatening and positive. They are smart and encouraging and helped me dig deep. They pushed me to think big and dream and explore all possibilities. They always went above and beyond and made the time we met extremely productive.

When I was discussing MoJo with a friend, she said “this experience is like taking a class about yourself”. I like that very much because that is the best way to describe the experience. I feel that a class about yourself is the best investment you can make and one in which we as women many times don’t take the time to do! And Molly and JoAnne are excellent facilitators in the study of finding your MOJO! Each meeting piggybacked on the next and helped me prepare for the next goal. Through the exercises, I was able to see the patterns clearly to help me better understand myself. I loved the assessment and it provided valuable information that supported observations and reflections I made about who I am today. I love that there is a tangible product of our work. I think the binder, the assessment results, and resume, cover and thank you letter are invaluable and give you a sense of reaching a goal and accomplishment. I think the 60 sec commercial we developed is fantastic and the interview prep gives you the confidence boost to accomplish all that you worked for through the meetings. I love that and am very thankful.

I absolutely recommend MoJo and have already discussed it with many friends. There are so many women that are looking for direction and MoJo is a perfect marriage of vision and planning and dreaming in a safe setting. You are encouraged to dream and envision all possibilities and I think that is key.  I loved the experience and have a newfound confidence and excitement about my future. I no longer look at the future as scary because I have a plan and a new voice!

– Callie Currin, Cincinnati, OH

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