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Meet Julie

When I began working with MoJo Advantage, I was struggling with which steps to take in pursuing a career.  I was so distracted with everyday events & activities that I needed to set aside time to make goals and focus on steps that would help me get my resume in order and find out what specifically would make me excited to go back into the workforce. I was not expecting the skill sets and practices that MoJo offered to be so beneficial and productive in such a short time-frame.  I now have increased self-confidence and recognize my skills.  As a stay-at-home mom, we have a lot of activities and job skills that are required daily.  We also wear many hats and duties that change from year to year.  I felt I could do a lot of things, and knew I was good at a lot of jobs. However, it is frightening to step out of your comfort zone especially when it means engaging in a career where technology and work life has really changed in 20 years.  MoJo allowed me to see my strengths and that there are jobs out there that require the skill sets and work ethic I already had gained.  

Through working with MoJo Advantage, I was expecting a little guidance and direction, and thought that maybe I could use a few of their contacts to help broaden my career search.  I was not expecting a full 180 degree make-over, and to walk away a better, more confident woman.  Certain exercises were amazingly helpful just for my own emotional and mental health.  There were obstacles I needed to work through before I could even move forward in searching for a career.  I didn’t realize why I was so stuck on my own, but through the program I could clearly identify the issues that were affecting my ability to move forward.  I had too many “what if’s” as well.  I knew what I loved to do and knew I didn’t want to be involved in certain areas, but I wasn’t clearly focused on how to do what I loved as a career until MoJo helped me work through process.

The best part for me was the listing of every job and volunteer job I had ever done.  At first, I was only listing the “big” most successful items.  It became apparent that the ones that were important to developing my resume were the ones I thought were incidental.  For example: making centerpieces out of “scraps” for a year with a weekly theme for the church –while it wasn’t exactly a money maker or something I thought was very impressive—it showed that I could be creative on a budget and that I was committed weekly.  The same was true with volunteering at the church every Sunday —consistency and dedication where the take-aways.  This process of compiling all of the background information was also helpful for me to realize I had done a lot of work through the years even though it was not work for which I was not paid!  This exercise gave me great confidence in myself! I felt good about all the things I forgotten I had done.  The exercise also allowed me to have all of those jobs/projects in my head so when I went to interview or discuss my skills with someone I had them fresh in my memory, and was able pull examples for discussion.  It was also very helpful to write down all I had done, and it became clear what I truly enjoyed and consistently volunteered for as they basically were all in the same area.  That made me realize my “natural gifting” or talent.   

I could not move forward in searching for a career because I was stuck.  With 3 teenagers, it is hard to focus beyond the daily tasks of necessities and staying above the water.  So, we prioritized and eliminated obstacles and events that didn’t need to be on my plate or that I didn’t need the stress of worrying about.  This was a very helpful exercise.  It allowed the weight on my shoulders to lighten which then allowed me to come alive for me to move or feel like I could maneuver forward.   

MOJO fine tunes one’s strengths and pin points your greatest assets and assesses where you would fit into a company!  The best money one could ever spend is to sit with these two women who have a wealth of knowledge and invest in yourself!  It is wonderful to have women who are honest and with whom you can bounce ideas and questions; women who can keep you holding a clear vision of your goals.  It is cheaper and better than any therapist, and it produces a career path that will allow me to flourish and enjoy.  When you want to make the choice to go back to work —-the best place to be is in an environment that allows you to shine.  Molly & JoAnne help you achieve that dream!!  THEY ARE AMAZING AND I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD ABOUT THEM!

– Julie Shipp, Cincinnati, OH

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