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Meet Our Clients

“I absolutely recommend MoJo and have already discussed it with many friends. There are so many women that are looking for direction and MoJo is a perfect marriage of vision and planning and dreaming in a safe setting.”

“I would recommend MoJo Advantage for students. It’s very good information to have & a small investment when you consider how much we spend for college & private high schools.”

“MoJo fine tunes your strengths & pin points your greatest assets to assess where you would fit in a company! The best money one could ever spend is to sit with these two women who have a wealth of knowledge and invest in yourself!”

“I truly believe that every time I left a meeting with MoJo I had an ‘aha’ moment. I really feel like Molly & JoAnne helped me find myself, which is where I was struggling the most.”

“What I experienced was that they not only helped me better understand what careers were possible for me, but they also helped me understand how to deepen my life.”

“With each session, we laughed…and related alot. Molly and JoAnne have an extraordinary way of listening and a knack for recognizing the value of many skills that I wasn’t aware of yet.”

“Going through the MoJo Advantage coaching process made me realize my worth and helped me set goals that motivated me. I really liked the brainstorming and discussions that occurred each session with Molly & JoAnne. The assessment report was so helpful and together with the other work that we did I gained the confidence to know I could go back to work and do a great  job!”

“We were so happy with the DISC assessment and the time JoAnne took to talk it over with our daughter! After her session with MoJo, our daughter said that she was so glad she did it. She said that she felt like the assessment reassured her that she was in the right major and pursuing the right career field. She also liked hearing about the different communicating styles and the page offering her tips to communicate with others with different styles.  Overall, we were ALL so pleased with it!”

“What I liked most about working with MoJo Advantage is definitely the boost in confidence. It made me feel like I had more worth than I was giving myself credit for. I feel prepared and equipped. I feel like MoJo helped me widen my career options while simultaneously defining my job search options.”

– BN, Cincinnati, OH
– Colleen, College Junior Parent
– HD, Cincinnati, OH
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